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Looking for Wedding Lighting Hire in London? Check Our New Wedding Production Page

Wedding Lighting Hire Company in London
Wedding Lighting Hire Company in London

Weddings are one of the most important days of your life, which is why you’ll want to ensure absolutely everything is spot on, including your wedding lighting. Here at On Tour Events, wedding lighting hire is just one of an array of wedding production services we offer to happy couples up and down the country.

With that in mind, we have launched a brand new wedding production section of our website, where you’ll find hire services that cover every possible production aspect of your big day, right down to hiring the knives and forks

But before we run you through each aspect of our hire services, let’s spend a little time focusing on the lighting, as it’s of the most important, if not THE most critical, production elements of your wedding. If you’re not sure why this is the case, let us explain.

Why Wedding Light Hire is So Crucial to Your Big Day

Whether you are having a “glitz and glam” affair in a posh London hotel or you’ve decided to host an outdoor wedding in one of London’s many green spaces, your wedding lighting hire choices are going to have a significant impact regardless of location.

While it’s true that some locations will require less in the way of lighting than others, the decisions you make concerning your lighting fixtures will undoubtedly influence the entire look and feel of your celebrations.

Let’s take venue uplighters as an example. These lights are incredibly versatile, practical, powerful. Their immediate advantage is that they are floor-based, so need for rigging to truss structures or anything similar.

Secondly, they are wireless, battery-powered devices, so there’s no hassle with running cables through your venue that present trip hazards. Outdoors, there’s no need for endless extension cables either. You can simply position them where you need them, turn them on, and away you go!

Speaking of which, they even offer versatility when it comes to their light display. If you want to light up the venue in a light shade of blue to match your overall wedding theme, they can do that without a problem. But what if you want a bit more from your wedding uplighters? Well, the good news is that they can cycle through every colour of the rainbow if you want us to program them that way. Or you could have them change colour as the festivities move on from eating and drinking to dancing the night away.

But wait, there’s more! Wireless Venue LED uplighters really come into their own when used outside a wedding venue. Using them to light up a building can really take your reception up a notch. You can make your guests feel as though they are attending an event worthy of A-list celebrities and give them a memory that they won’t forget in a hurry.

All of these features for just ONE lighting fixture. Can you begin to see just how impactful your event lighting hire decisions are going to be?

Let’s quickly touch on some of the big hitters before running you through our full range of event production services.

Additional Lighting Hire Options for Your London Wedding from On Tour Events

Given we stock so many different lighting fixtures, it’s difficult to know where to start. However, we would mention some of the other wedding “staples,” such as stage lighting. Spotlights, fresnel lanterns, and moving head fixtures are just a few of the lights you’ll need to light up the stage that will house the live entertainment you’ve booked for the evening.

Suppose you’ve booked the obligatory wedding DJ. In that case, unless they come included, you are also going to need disco lighting options to entice people onto the dancefloor when the classics come on!

Then are more venue-specific options. For example, if you’re having a wedding or reception (or both) in a marquee or giant tipi (which we can also provide, by the way), then you’ll likely want to invest in some festoon lighting (also referred to as pea, bistro, or fairy lighting).

Finally, if you would like to add some decorative touches, we also have plenty of lighting effects that we can supply to your wedding celebration. One of the most popular requests we receive for wedding lighting these days is textured lighting.

If you’re unfamiliar, this lighting method uses specialised gobo projectors to project all kinds of patterns on walls and ceilings. From projecting the ferns of a forest to the snowflakes of a winter wedding, we can project any shape or design you require to transform your venue into one of your dreams.

Another option under the umbrella of decorative lighting is wedding monogram lighting, which you can use to beam a logo or maybe a unique wedding motif with both of your initials right across your venue.

Simply put, no matter your wedding lighting needs at your London venue, we can design, install, and even operate it for you on the day.

But enough about wedding lighting, as vital as it is, let’s tell you a little bit more about our additional wedding production services, highlighting in our brand new wedding production section!

On Tour Events Provides All Manner of Wedding Production Services in London and Beyond

As mentioned, we are beyond excited to introduce you to our whole array of wedding production services. Most, if not all of them, are services that we have provided for a while, but we simply haven’t had the time to upload them to the website and tell you all about them!

So let’s do our best to make up for lost time and quickly run you through some of the wedding production services we’ve yet to mention (we think you’ll agree that we’ve covered wedding lighting hires pretty extensively!).

Wedding Dance Floor Hire

What’s a wedding without a dance floor! Once the formalities are out of the way, the dance floor is both a symbolic and practical fixture. One of the most significant moments of the day/evening is the first dance you take as a married couple, which is why you need to hire a wedding dance floor to match the significance of the occasion.

We have a huge selection available, from traditional dance floors to starlit options. We even supply retro light-up dancefloors for those of you who want a throwback to the 70s and 80s. We can build them up to a maximum size of 40ft x 40ft, which should be big enough for even the largest of wedding receptions.

Tiered Wedding Stage Hire

Stage hire is usually a prerequisite for any wedding, yet we have taken it one step further by offering tiered wedding stage hire options available in all shapes and sizes. That’s right, not only do we provide a range of modular options that you can customise to your heart’s content, but we can also design and manufacture a bespoke tiered wedding stage from scratch.

We have a range of colours and finishes available too. White is the most popular choice for obvious reasons, but we can fit in with your wedding’s theme should you need something else. We also supply the features that usually adorn a stage, such as stage drapes, truss structures for sound and lighting equipment, and stage furniture that accommodates flowers and other decorative pieces.

Tables, Chairs, and Cutlery Hire Services

Much like your stage, you won’t get very far without a set of tables, chairs, and cutlery. That’s why we’ve added this service to our wedding production line up to help us to provide a turnkey wedding event production solution.

Included in our table, chair, and cutlery hire services are a range of different furniture options, including the ever-popular chiavari chairs. We also have a range of colour options. If you would gold cutlery to match your gold chairs, we can do it, no problem. We have furniture that will match your vision for your wedding decor, no matter what that might be.

Mobile Bar Hire for Weddings

While our mobile bar hire services aren’t limited to weddings per se, we find that this is the most popular event associated with this type of service. Once again, it’s a case of supplying you with whatever you need. We have all kinds of bar designs available, including circular and straight/classic style bars.

We can even provide mobile LED-lit bars, which are read head-turners and conversation-starters. Finally, we can completely customise the appearance of a mobile bar to match your wedding theme, including adding a message or a wedding logo or motif. When it comes to mobile bars, you can count on us delivering something that matches, and usually exceeds, your requirements.

Wedding Live Streaming Equipment Hire

If there’s one trend dominating weddings in the 2020s, it’s live streaming services. Of course, live-streaming weddings came to the fore due to COVID-19. However, the advantages of beaming a wedding worldwide have meant that it has since become an essential part of the occasion for many couples.

Here at On Tour Events, not only can we provide all of the technical equipment such as cameras, tripods, and video encoders, but we can also work with any streaming platform you desire. Whether you want the event to be broadcast on Facebook Live or you only want a selected audience to view a password-protected stream via Vimeo, it doesn’t matter to us. We can work with them all!

Wedding Marquee Hire

Last, but by no means least, we can even supply you with the wedding venue itself! Our wedding marquee hire services cover a broad spectrum of designs. Whether you want to link together a couple of giant tipis or you wish to gaze at the stars under the roof of a clear marquee, we have a solution for you.

Having been a leading production services provider to music festivals for many decades, we have the installation experience to navigate challenges such as access problems or uneven ground. So if you’ve found your dream location, rest assured that we’ll move heaven and earth to make it happen for you.

Head Over to the New Wedding Production Services Section to Learn More

Here at On Tour Events, we have been turnkey event solutions for weddings for well over a decade. However, we’ve yet to really shout about our HUGE array of services from the rooftops.

Well, thankfully, that’s about to change. With our brand new wedding production services section of the website, happy couples and wedding planners can pour over more than 10,000 words of information relating to the wedding event services we offer!

In truth, this blog post only scratches the surface of our capabilities, so make sure that you head over to the dedicated wedding section when you have a moment. You’ll soon gain an understanding of the advantages we offer that often no other company can provide.

It’s also the perfect place to learn more about costs, with plenty of ballpark figures attached to numerous hypothetical wedding event scenarios.

Finally, you can understand just how easy it is to outsource every single element of your wedding production to a single contractor, saving you time, money, and a great deal of stress in the process!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to our wedding production services page and start planning the wedding of your dreams with On Tour Events!

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