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Looking for an Event Equipment Hire Company in London? On Tour Events Has the Solution

Event Equipment Hire Company in London
Event Equipment Hire Company in London

Whether you're hosting a conference in London, or you're about to launch a new retail store to great fanfare, you'll likely need the help of an event equipment hire company. It could be that you need a stage for your indoor exhibition, or perhaps you need full event production support for a product launch. Regardless, here at On Tour Events, we can supply industry-leading event equipment hire services right across London and beyond.

But if you're looking to hire event equipment for the first time, you might not be familiar with what you'll need to organise a successful event. With that in mind, it's useful to take a look at what event equipment you're likely to need, starting with the lighting. 

Event Lighting Hire London

Pretty much all events require at least some form of specialist event lighting equipment. For instance, if you are hosting a corporate event, you're probably going to hire spotlights, PAR cans, intelligent moving head lights, uplighters, and lighting fixture overlays such as gobos to name just a few. 

By contrast, if you're hosting a glitzy product launch at a high-profile London venue, then you're probably looking at adding lasers, stage blinders, and maybe even ground-breaking technology such as kinetic lights or 3D-projection mapping. 

The point is that lighting is going to be one of your key considerations in event planning. The lighting fixtures you choose will have an enormous influence on the look and feel of your venue. In most instances, the lighting available on-site will not meet your requirements, and certainly not if you intend to have a stage or set as part of your event. 

In all honesty, whatever your event equipment hire requirements are regarding lighting, you can rest assured that we can supply it. Over our two-plus decades of operations, we have slowly but surely amassed one of the largest repositories of event lighting fixtures available for hire in the UK. 

Since we also offer an end-to-end event solution, we provide all of the necessary supporting equipment too. We can supply and assemble all of the rigging and truss structures to house these lights for your event. As if that wasn't enough, the vast majority of our lights make use of the latest cutting-edge LED technology, and we can also take on the artistic direction for any light shows required as part of your event.

But enough about lighting, let's talk about sound equipment hire!  

Event Sound Equipment Hire London

Event lighting equipment ensures your stage is well-lit, your performers or presenters are easily spotted, and the venue has the correct ambience for your event. But all of that will mean nothing if your event attendees can't hear properly. You need head-turning, authoritative, and immersive sound that both grabs and maintains the focus and attention of your audience. 

In terms of your event equipment hire requirements, you're almost certain to need at least a set of PA speakers to amplify your sound throughout your venue of choice. Microphones are another certainty, regardless of the specific style of event. By default, that means you're likely to require a mixing desk, and the sound requirements are only going to expand if you have any live music or entertainment planned. 

Stage monitors, line arrays, amplifiers, and instrumental microphones represent just a few pieces of the sound equipment puzzle when it comes to largescale events such as corporate award shows

Fortunately, we stock all of those items and then some. From PA speakers to stage monitors, amplifiers, line arrays, wireless microphones, mixing desks and everything else in between, we have it ready and waiting to go out on hire for your event. Not only that, but we go above and beyond in our care we take over our sound equipment, servicing everything at least every six months and rotating our stock every three years. 

While sound and lighting equipment are almost prerequisites, there are plenty of other devices that will likely form key considerations for your event. Top of that list is likely to be stage equipment hire.  

Stage/Set Equipment Hire London

The vast majority of events rely on a stage or set of some description. It doesn't matter whether it's a conference, industry exhibition, or a fashion show, hiring a stage provides the focal point for your event.

You could order a conventional stage for which presenters or performers to make their mark. Alternatively, you could decide you need to hire a team to design and assemble a custom set for your product launch. 

Here at On Tour Events, we have an unrivalled inventory of stage and set equipment, which we use to build the designs we create as part of our client proposals. In fact, when it comes to event equipment hire, the process for hiring a stage or set is perhaps the most exciting of all hire services we offer. Our design team can create fantastic life-like 3D-renders of what your event stage will look like ahead of time, tweaking and customising as necessary as we go through the process.

Again, we own all of our staging and set equipment, making the transition from 3D-render to the real thing as seamless as it gets! Our team is just as comfortable designing customised mega-festival stages as they are bespoke conference sets. The same goes for our talented stage crews, who are comfortable in both indoor and outdoor environments.

LED Screen Hire London

Video is becoming a more and more important aspect of events. We've noticed in the last couple of years that LED screen hire requests have exploded. We can see why. These screens are both incredibly versatile, and they offer incredibly crisp and clear quality despite their enormous size. 

For indoor events, LED screens are often used as a visual backdrop and also serve as screens for relaying both live and pre-recorded footage. They are just as popular outdoors, proving excellent companions to live musical performances. Lastly, they are also fantastic for outdoor events such as outdoor cinemas or prominent sporting occasions.    

Fortunately, yet again, we have one of the most comprehensive ranges available in the UK. In total, we stock three different types of LED screen systems, ranging in tile size, pixel density, and outdoor capabilities. Our 3.9mm pixel pitch screens are incredibly popular for indoor events where image clarity is absolutely vital. They are versatile enough to be placed pretty anywhere on a stage, and better yet, they can be suspended from truss structures and PA wings. 

Additional Event Equipment Hire London

There's always something to add for an event. For example, you might need us to provide a smoke machine or a confetti cannon for your awards evening. Or perhaps you need to make use of our marquee hire services to extend the amount of usable space at your venue? It doesn't matter what your event equipment requirements are; the chances are we have what you're looking for contained within our vast inventory.

In fact, our equipment selection is so extensive that it spans three full-size warehouses that are positioned across the country. From LED-lit, glow-in-the-dark tables and chairs to dry ice machines, we have pretty much everything you could imagine needing for your event on-site and ready to be hired at a moment's notice. 

Speaking of which, we are in the process of creating something totally unique for the UK event equipment hire industry, so let's tell you all about it! 

On Tour Events to Create Online Hire Shop

Here at On Tour Events, we are taking the unprecedented step of creating the UK's first online event equipment hire shop. When completed, customers will be able to view every single item we stock complete with pictures, videos, and a thorough write up.

As you can imagine, given the sheer amount of equipment we are making our way through, this will take quite some time. However, we have already begun the process, and we hope to have the bulk of equipment live on the website before the beginning of the 2021 events season. 

No one else within the event equipment hire industry has gone to these lengths to photograph, video, and provide a listing for literally every piece of equipment in stock. Still, we feel it's vital to go the extra mile and demonstrate this commitment to our customers. Once up and running, you'll be able to peruse the full catalogue of event equipment, making your hire decisions much more straightforward and facilitating hire requests without the need for meeting up in-person given the current situation. 

Of course, we can still accommodate you in our warehouses for a COVID-secure visit. However, crucially, you'll already know in advance which pieces of equipment you'll want us to demonstrate, cutting down the time spent planning your event.

Why Choose On Tour Events for Your London Event Equipment Hire Requirements?

When looking for audio visual equipment hire in London, it's fair to say that there are plenty of companies to choose from. But we do genuinely feel that we provide the best option for those of you looking to hire event equipment. So without becoming too boastful, let's give you a few reasons to choose us for your London-based event. 

Firstly, what we believe sets us apart from other equipment hire companies is the sheer breadth and depth of inventory we have spread across our three warehouses in London, Surrey, and Manchester. We have almost every conceivable sound device, all of the lighting fixtures, the staging, the set modules, and the LED screens needed to produce your event in-house without the need of a third party. 

You can effortlessly source all of the equipment you need without having to engage another contractor so you can focus your finite energy on planning other vital aspects of your event. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by just how deep our stock goes, and the calibre of brands we supply. Also, because we don't 'sub' anything in, you can rely on our equipment since we know the history of every single item. We're still to have a piece of equipment let us down.    

We're also much more than merely an equipment hire outfit; we offer a complete end-to-end solution for your event. We don't dry hire anything. Instead, our fantastic personnel will be on the ground, mixing the sound, building the stages, and rigging the lighting for you. 

Our event production team are some of the best in the business. They have been responsible for overseeing the production of high-profile events taking place at London locations such as the 02 and the ExCeL. With just one outfit, you can hand over all aspects of event production, and get on with organising the rest. How's that for a hassle-free experience? 

If that sounds like music to your ears, then don't hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact information below. We're looking forward to hearing from you! 

On Tour Events: Technical Audio Visual Event Services London
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+POST: Office 108 Belgrove House Belgrove Street, London, WC1H8AA
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