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On Tour Events is London's Trusted Stage Hire Company & For Good Reason

On Tour Events is London's Trusted Stage Hire Company & For Good Reason
On Tour Events is London's Trusted Stage Hire Company & For Good Reason

Your stage is almost always the focal point for the event, making staging hire one of your most crucial event production decisions. Here at On Tour Events, we’ve supplied stages to some of the most significant events in London and surrounding areas. We’ve even taken our stages on tour across Europe!

But before we talk you through how we’ve developed our reputation as one of the most trusted stage hire companies in London, let’s run you through some of the events that may need a stage and how we can help you.

What Events Require Staging Hire?

In short, most of them do! It does matter whether you’re putting on a music festival or a conference event. The truth is that most events will require a stage or set of some description.

Not only do they provide a central focal point, as mentioned, but they play host to your event presenters, keynote speakers, performers, artists, and visual content if you intend to hire screens.

In other cases, staging plays a more functional role. For instance, what would a fashion show be without a catwalk? In this specific example, a stage isn’t just “nice to have”; it’s an essential part of the overall event production. The same could be said of the above-mentioned music festivals.

Lastly, don’t forget that staging doesn’t just have to be used for those hosting the event. For instance, as an event organiser, you may want to hire tiered staging platforms to use as a base for your audience seating arrangements.

In other words, staging is incredibly flexible, and it’s not quite as simple as creating a generic front-facing stage in the conventional sense of the word.

With that in mind, let’s run you through some of the specific types of stages we can supply to your event. We’re not usually ones to toot our own horn. However, we reckon you’ll be pretty surprised by the sheer breadth and depth of staging hire services we can offer you.

Outdoor Stage Hire from On Tour Events

Let’s kick things off by telling you all about our biggest and boldest stages! Our outdoor festival stages are something to behold once constructed and fully rigged. They are often spotted at some of the nation’s most prominent festivals and right across Europe during the summer too!

In terms of use cases, more often than not, these stages are hired for festivals and outdoor musical concerts and the odd large-scale indoor concert too. We have a range of sizes, starting at 6m x 4m, going up all the way to a massive 12m x 10m!

Apart from the latter, largest stage mentioned above (which resembles that of the Orbit Stage at Glastonbury, for reference), these stages benefit from a self-climbing arc roof system and have some serious payloads to take on the necessary stage lighting fixtures and professional sound equipment.

To give you some idea, our largest arc roof stage (11m x 9m) has a massive payload of 3500kg! Not too shabby, we think you’ll agree!

On the smaller end of the scale, our 6m x 4m stage is a popular option for smaller outdoor events such as community fun runs, village fêtes, and agricultural shows. The best part is that it only takes us 90 minutes or so to construct, and it fits into vans, giving you more options in terms of site access.

Once again, although these are designed for outdoor use, there’s nothing to say that you can’t use them indoors, and in fact, we have supplied a couple of our larger festival stages to indoor London arenas such as the O2.

But enough about festival stages, what are some of the other options we have available?

Conference and Exhibition Stage Hire

Each year, when the nights draw in, and the outdoor festival stages are put in storage, conference and exhibition season ramps up. Pretty much all conferences and exhibition events need a stage.

Nearly all of these events have guest speakers who deliver industry knowledge to hundreds or thousands of attending delegates, for which you’ll need to hire an indoor exhibition stage or a conference set.

Once again, we have plenty of options concerning stages and sets for these events. One of our most popular options is our modular prefabricated conference stages, which we can build to meet your specific size specifications and deck it out with your branding and logos. In fact, they can look as though you had them made up specifically for your event!

Alternatively, if you’ve got a little more in the budget, we can design a new conference set from scratch for you. Our in-house design team can take your concept and turn it into a working prototype via our advanced 3D rendering software. Once you’ve given us the thumbs up, we’ll then get busy with manufacturing and installing your set on-site.

You could be forgiven for thinking that we’ve run through a pretty impressive array of indoor and outdoor stages thus far, but the truth is that we are only just getting started! So let’s keep up the momentum and move on to catwalks and raised walkways.

Hire a Catwalk or Raised Walkway for Your Event

Now we know what you’re thinking, aren’t catwalks limited to fashion events? Well, to a certain extent, yes, but when you think of a catwalk as a raised walkway, you’ll soon realise that there’s a much broader range of use cases for this type of staging hire.

Catwalk staging is most often used to build runways and walkways for fashion events, and we do plenty of work for this particular industry in and around London.

However, more recently, we have been assigned jobs for events such as music concerts and even exhibitions whereby they need sloped catwalk-style ramps or walkways – often constructed in a concertina-style layout.

In case you’re wondering, this is where the ramp/walkway snakes back on itself as it loses height from its starting position. We think they're pretty cool, and apparently, so do a lot of event organisers judging from our bookings!

Car Display Ramps and Staging Hire

Another option we have that is similar to what we can offer clients looking for exhibition stand staging are car ramps and their related staging requirements. In terms of events, these are most often used at expos such as the Geneva Motor Show.

However, you’ll find that there are plenty of uses for them at more local events. Car dealerships attending county shows will often invest in these ramps to display their most eye-catching vehicles. Or it could be that you have a car as a prize at a charity golf day, and you want to display it next to the first tee.

Whatever the specific event may be, if you want a stage and ramp to elevate a vehicle, we have a wide range of options for you, including circular stages, which are increasingly popular within this specific industry.

Glass / Perspex Stage Hire

Yep, we’ve still got plenty of stage options left for us to cover – we told you that we’re only just getting started!

Next up, we have our glass and perspex staging options. These transparent staging options are incredibly popular in the filming, music and fashion industries. Since these are made out of glass or clear perspex, those holding the camera are able to get underneath the stage to capture some unique filming angles.

If you’re not into your fashion, then you may well have seen these types of stages in music videos, where glass staging is placed over a swimming pool and the camera crews slide into the pool to film from underneath.

Another widespread use for these stages is at weddings. On more than a few occasions, we’ve jetted off the near continent to install perspex staging over swimming pools. These installations are probably only reserved for the most extravagant affairs as they are very involved (we bring in underwater welders!), and we have no option but to throw away the perspex after the event.

Tiered Stage Platforms for Hire

If you have watched any televised awards ceremonies of late, you’d have seen tiered stage platforms in use. They are so common that pretty much every type of gala dinner or awards evening uses them.

In this context, they are effectively a stage with added tiers (or steps for want of a better word) for access. Although they aren’t your average steps, they look pretty stylish if we say so ourselves!

But they are not merely reduced to being used in this specific format. You can use tiered staging for accommodating a gospel choir at a church, for example, or as a statement focal point at your product launch. They are incredibly flexible.

Perhaps the second most common use of these tiered structures is for weddings. On countless occasions, we have supplied white tiered wedding stages to happy couples celebrating their big day, and they undoubtedly offer that extra touch of class to your reception.

Choose London’s Most Trusted Staging Hire Company for Your Event

Phew! That was a lot of staging hire options to get through, and we didn’t even include them all! We also have options such as bandstand hire and open-topped staging, too, for example.

We pretty much do it all when it comes to staging. So if you’re not sure if we can help, just get in touch, and our team will talk you through the numerous options we have available for your event.

As to why you should choose us, hopefully, our sheer range of staging services should give you some indication as to the quality of service we provide. But if not, you should remember that we are one of the few event production companies that not only own all of our staging equipment but we can also design any custom staging you need and manufacture it.

If that STILL hasn’t swayed you somehow, we differentiate ourselves once again by being able to offer a complete event production within which the staging hire may only play a small part.

While you could be forgiven for thinking we specialise in staging given our well-earned reputation; we do it all when it comes to technical event production services. So you can hire the lighting, sound equipment, LED screens, and even live-streaming equipment for your event from one place, for one straightforward price.

It doesn’t get any easier when working with us as your event services partner.

So when you’ve decided what you need for your event, including staging hire, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 8058 0093 to discuss your options. Alternatively, you can send us an email at with your requirements, and we’ll have an accurate quote back to you within 24 hours!

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