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On Tour Events Talks Mobile LED Bars, LED Furniture & Custom-Manufactured Seating for Events

Hire Light Up LED Furniture in London From On Tour Events
Hire Light Up LED Furniture in London From On Tour Events

Here at On Tour Events, we've spent a lot of time discussing our event equipment hire services. We feel that we have every right to tell you all about the industry track record we've built up around hiring out event lighting, sound equipment, LED screens, and all manner of staging and sets.

But what you may have missed is that our repertoire goes far beyond those admittedly broad buckets. We actually do a lot of our own manufacturing. Sometimes that's as part of delivering one of the above-mentioned hiring services. But in most cases, we offer custom solutions as part of one of our all-encompassing events solutions.

Unlike some other technical event production companies, we mean what we say when we talk about providing a turn-key solution to your event production needs. Whether you need an LED-lit mobile bar, or you need us to deliver custom-manufactured seating, we've got you covered.

With that in mind, let's use this space to tell you a little bit more about what we can offer you for your next event, whether that be an extravagant wedding or a nationally-televised awards ceremony.

Mobile Bar Hire London, Surrey, and Beyond

Regardless of the occasion, most events require a bar. Of course, some venues will have a bar in place already with no need for any extra investment. But what about those taking place in unusual venues such as country mansions, or in outdoor marquees? Wouldn't it be great to install a full LED-lit bar complete with branded colours, logos, and branding? Doing so adds a real touch of class and exclusivity to your event and will undoubtedly impress your attendees.

Whether you are putting together an outdoor music festival or an outdoor wedding, the bar is a real hub of activity, which means your guests will really appreciate something as unique as a custom-manufactured bar. As mentioned, we can incorporate LED technology into the design to make your mobile bar solution glow in the dark, or shimmer in the sunlight. There's no end to the customisation options!

Of course, as busy as the bar may be at your event, it's only one piece of the puzzle. In most instances, it makes sense to expand your custom manufacturing requests to a whole range of furniture, which we'll now cover in a little more detail.

LED Furniture Hire Surrey, London, and South East England

One aspect of events that is becoming increasingly prevalent is themes. When it comes to design, there's no point going to the effort all mulling through mood board after mood board to create an aesthetic for your occasion, only to cheap out aspects such as seating that ruin the overall look and feel.

For instance, if the theme for your wedding reception production is black and gold, it wouldn't make any sense to settle for white chairs when you can't find anything else suitable. We can manufacture anything you require for your event, even if that means taking the unusual step of making gold-coloured seating. Why not? It's your wedding!

By contrast, if you're running a bar concession at a national music festival, you can build a massive buzz around your concept with bright, LED-lit, funkily-designed tables and chairs which perfectly match your glowing custom bar. The point is, there aren't many limits when it comes to designing custom furniture for events. Whether you just want a bespoke bar that makes a real splash at your event, or you want custom furniture to fit in with an overall event theme, here at On Tour Events, we can make it for you, no problem.

Which Events Benefit the Most from Custom-Manufactured Furniture?

As you'll have noticed, we've already touched upon some for the events that could really benefit from incorporating custom-manufactured furniture and props. However, it's worth spending a few minutes to delve a little deeper into those events where investing in this type of service can make the most significant impact.

As mentioned, of the biggest requests we get for custom mobile bar hire come from wedding events. We work with several reputable wedding planners directly, and their esteemed clients often demand a theme. The problem? Most of the time, furniture doesn't exist to meet those requirements, which is when they approach us to ask if we can help out. Of course, we are more than happy to oblige and get the ball rolling on the design process.

It's a similar story for awards ceremonies and gala dinners. Both events usually have overall design themes that planners and organisers wish to stick to. However, sometimes seating options are challenging to get hold of or don't exist in the quantities required.

For instance, when a client approached us to supply 100 pink LED cubes with matching LED-lit tables for their informal reception seating area, they had exhausted all options with their usual suppliers. Their usual partners only had a dozen each and no facility to quickly manufacture or order any more stock. It's fair to say, while they should have come to us in the first place, they haven't used any other technical event production partner since!

Another common request for custom mobile bars and LED furniture come from conferences. This is less on the guest side, and more related to the conference set design. Over the years we've supplied all sorts of bespoke furniture for conference sets, including deck chairs, hay bales (yes, hay bales!), bean bags, and custom LED-lit background props such as cubes, oblongs, and benches. We've pretty much done it all when it comes to designing and manufacturing custom furniture for conference events.

So if you've decided that custom-manufactured furniture is the way to go for your event, how does the process work? And why should you choose On Tour Events as opposed to other outfits?

What Goes into Hiring a Mobile Bar, Custom-Manufactured Seating, and Other Bespoke Event Furniture?

In many ways, the process reflects that of many other event equipment hiring processes we have here at On Tour Events. Firstly, you approach us with what you need. In most cases, our clients start with laying out their AV needs and stage requirements before moving on to custom furniture. However, in some cases (such as in the scenario above), we are only tasked with designing, manufacturing, and installing custom furniture on-site.

Once you've relayed to us what you need, we start with the design process. We take in your event brief, preferred materials, and other requirements before getting to work. We then present you with our initial mock-ups before tweaking them to your satisfaction. Once you're happy with the design of your mobile bar, custom seating, or any other custom furniture, we then spend a few weeks manufacturing everything and getting it ready for transportation.

Once everything is ready, we then load up our trucks and head out to your venue to set everything up in whichever layout or manner you prefer. If you have chosen one of our LED-lit furniture options, then we'll also arrange the necessary power arrangements. Many of our "off the shelf" LED furniture options operate on batteries that last 8-10 hours, which is more than enough for most events.

Then, once the event is over, we'll be back to take everything away for you. If you are planning on reusing your custom-manufactured furniture, we can securely store your items in one of our warehouses until you need it again for your next event. How does that sound for a hassle-free solution?

So onto the next question, why choose us? (As if we haven't already convinced you!)

Why Choose On Tour Events for Your Custom-Manufactured and LED-Lit Furniture?

Here at On Tour Events, we are immensely proud of the industry reputation we've managed to build over the last three decades. When we first started, we had no money to spend on marketing or advertising, and to this day we organically grow our business based almost exclusively on positive word of mouth and by reinvesting our profits back into new event equipment and services.

We treat each project with the respect it deserves, no matter how big or small. Whether you're hosting a garden party in desperate need of a show-stopping mobile LED bar, or you are in charge of bringing together a set for a leading tech conference, there's nothing that we can't handle.

On LED-lit furniture specifically, let us first point out that we have a vast range of standing inventory ready to go. These glow in the dark items are fully colour-customisable and can be decked out in your branding and ready to go within a few days. We have bars, tables, and chairs, all ready to be charged up and sent out to your venue, which is perfect for those last-minute event alterations, although we can't guarantee any stock levels. They are very popular after all!

For custom-manufactured items, what makes us unique is that we can make pretty much anything you need for your stage, set, bar area, dining room, and other areas you can think of! Our design team are highly-experienced, highly-skilled, and can work to the exacting deadlines placed on event organisers.

We know from first-hand experience how stressful organising an event can be, which is why we offer all-encompassing furniture solutions in addition to our core AV hire offerings. We firmly believe that you should reap the benefits of handing off all technical event production requirements to one contractor.

With just one point of contact, you can relay your instructions and relax as we work like a well-oiled machine to design, install, and dismantle everything you could possibly need including but not limited to:

  • Event lighting (including spotlights, uplighters, stage blinders, moving head lights, lasers, etc.)

  • Sound equipment (including PA speakers, amps, stage monitors, mics, etc.)

  • Staging and truss equipment (including conference sets, outdoor stages, PA wings, etc.)

  • LED screens (suitable for outdoor use)

  • Marquees

  • Custom and LED-lit furniture

  • Much, MUCH, more!

Better yet, should you need it, you can take advantage of our highly experienced technicians and engineers to run the technical aspects of your event on the day itself. They have handled the live event production for huge shows within impressive arenas such as the O2 in London, not to mentioned countless national and international music festivals.

Speak to Us About Custom Furniture for Events

Whether you need the On Tour Events team to take care of all technical event production needs, or you merely want to enquire about our mobile bar hire and LED furniture hire services, we're here to serve you.

We can handle all shapes and sizes of events and accommodate whichever theme you decide to go for. We can also perform a site visit and advise you of the best choices to make when it comes to designing your stage, set, and other vital pieces of furniture if your looking to hire equipment such as outdoor festival stages for live music events then please check this stage hire company website for more info on outdoor covered stages & the staging packages they have put together.

Just contact our friendly team using the contact information below. We can't wait to see what we're going to be making for you! If your

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